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SLHSJ-B Double-motor Direct-linking Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer

Muyang Group
Product Description

The performance stability of Double-motor Direct-linking Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer is embodied in three aspects:

» Two SEW speed reduction gearbox directly links with mixer rotor to drive;

» Simple and compactstructure, less space needed;

» Stable running, high efficiency;

» High reliability,long service life and low cost of maintenance.


Mixing machine is playing a vital role in feed production. It is fair to say that if proportioning system is disjoined from mixer, even with advanced manufacturing processes, the production will become meaningless.Therefore, the quality and performance of mixing machine directly influences survival and development of feed mills. Stable-performance equipment not only helps enterprises to keep making profits but also reduce large sum of money for maintenance and repairing.  



» Extensive applicability,large effective volume, and addition of manifold liquids e.g. water, molasses and oil etc;

» Stable running, soft mixing, no damaging raw material properties;

» Short mixing period (45~60s/batch) and high mixing homogeneity (CV≤5%, may be up to 3%);

» Patented double-leaf discharging control mechanism features fast material discharging without any leakage and residue.


Globally, over 5,000 sets of machines are running for a long time,showing outstanding performance stability.

Muyang over 40 years´ mixing machine manufacturing experience, is worth trust with excellent quality.

Technical Parameters
model effective volume
mixing amount for each batch
SLHSJ12B 12 6000 37*2
SLHSJ10B 10 5000 30*2
SLHSJ8B 8 4000 22*2
SLHSJ7B 7 3500 22*2
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