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Malian agro-industrial complex project restarted

Published on 10 October, 2015, Last updated at 06:24 GMT
Malian agro-industrial complex project restarted

Nearly two years after signing the MOU with Ministry of Ministry of Livestock, the Tienfala agricultural project on the road Koulikoro, will finally restart.

SLK Consultants and Developers Group Limited SA (SLK-Mali), in partnership with the Ministry of Rural Development on Thursday signed a partnership agreement for the creation of an agro-industrial complex producing beef, poultry, fish, cattle feed, poultry feed and developing and transforming the feed lot site (EX-ECIBEV).

At a cost of FCFA 7.621 billion (USD$13 million), the draft will allow Tienfala to produce in 2016: 12,000 tonnes of tilapia fish, including a processing and packaging plant; 270,000 layers poultry farms to produce about 20 million eggs per year and about 1,500 tonnes of poultry meat. A feed mill plant will also be constructed which has an estimated capacity of 15,000 tonnes of feed.

In the second phase, the Tienfala agricultural project will build a slaughterhouse with a capacity of 40 tonnes of meat per day, and an agro-industrial centre for the processing plant with an area of 10,000 m2 of greenhouses for vegetable cultivation.

According Yosi Lapid, representing SLK Consultants and Developers Group Limited SA, the company will use the latest technology, the Malian farmers will reap the benefits in the support centre for local producers Tienfala.

In his opinion, all Malian people will benefit from this project, with more jobs, more high quality food, more meat, fish, eggs and vegetables at reasonable prices.

For his part, the Minister of Rural Development, Dr. Bocari Treta, said that this project was part of the effective translation of the clear political will of development. According to him, this desire has been emphasised in the new vision of the Ministry for Rural Development, through the endowment of the country in upgrading infrastructure and processing to international standards of products and by-products sector.


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