Counter-flow Type Fish Feed Cooler FY-YGNL50

Fanway fish feed pellet cooler is with advantages of remarkable cooling effect, low energy consumption, and easy to operate. Those features make it widely applied to cool various kinds of pellet fish feed, pet feed pellets, granular materials, extruded ones and tablet materials pellets.

Advantages of Counter-flow Type Fish Feed Cooler
1. effectively prevent air leakage and high temperature water vapor from entering the cooler machine;
2. The pyramid shaped powder feeding device can make material particles largest extent accumulate in the cooling cylinder;
3. The suction condition can not be generated;
4. fully improve the utilization rate of the cold wind, improve the cooling effect;
5. use the unique and novel counter flow cooling principle

Technical Data of Fish Feed Cooler FY-YGNL50
Model: FY-YGNL50
Heating power: 6kw
Fan power: 2.2kw
Capacity: 50 kg/batch (15-20 mins)
Dimension: Cooler : 950*900*2150 (mm); Cyclone: 700*600*2300 (mm)
Weight: 350kg
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