Fish Feed Mixer 250kg per batch FY-250

Fish feed mixer applies to equably blending powder or particle materials of good flowability. Meanwhile, there is no dissolution, volatilization or modification of the materials during the blending process. Made of stainless steel with a unique design, the fish feed mixer is a cost-effective machine for fish feed manufacturer, and measure up to the GMP standard.

Features of Fish Feed Mixing Machine
1.Our fish feed mixer is made of high-quality stainless steel, which contributes to its wear-resistant strength and long service life.
2.The fish feed mixer adopts a helical ribbon structure to blend the raw materials of feed. It owns a fast speed and high productivity.
3.The well-designed structure decreases the maintenance ratio of the machine.
4.It is easy for the users to get familiar with the operation process.

Parameters of Fish Feed Blender
Model: FY-250
Power: 3kw
Mixing Capacity: 250kg per batch

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