HKJ-250 Feed pellet production line 0.5-1T/H for poultry animal

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Our company has 13-year experiences in manufacturing the feed pellet production line equipment located in Dezhou city of shandong provice in China.

We engaged in feed hammer mill, feed mixer,feed pellet making machine and feed cooler and so on. These feed equipment has the CE quality and national Patent from the professional design out of our engineers.

Our best selling feed pellet making line 0.5-1T/H had been exported about 100 sets in 2017.
This feed pellet line is made of vertical hammer mill and mixer, HKJ250 feed pellet mill and cooling machine
and feed crumbler and vibrating sieve
1. Vertical hammer mill and mixer can crush the raw material into particles and mix them well and together.
2. HKJ 250 feed machine is made of feeder ,conditioner,pressing chamber and overloaded protection system to form the feed pellet from 2-8 mm for poultry, animal . The steam can be added to sterilize and improve the
feed quality and hourly capacity.
3.Feed cooler uses counter flow principle to cool down the feed pellet into room temperature without crack on
the surface of the feed pellet.
4.Feed crumble is to crack the feed pellet into the smaller one for day-old chicks.
5. Vibrating sieve is to screen the ash from the feed pellet for next bagging.
This feed making line is of simple configuration, small floor area and low cost widely used for private farm and small feed mill.

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