Aquafeed Processing Technology and Equipment

As one of the fastest growing food processing industry in the world, aquaculture has provided more than half of all aquatic products for human consumption. The rapid and healthy development of aquaculture industry can hardly do without the support of artificial breeding technology, knowledge of nutritional requirement to aquatic animals, aquafeed processing technology, feed production equipment and so on. Over the past years, the technique of fish feed production has proceeded rapidly and most aquaculture farmers are fond of using floating extruded pellet to feed their fish because floating feed makes it easier for them to observe fish intake and estimate feeding amount. Here, Amisy Fish Feed Machinery will state the processing technology and equipment of aquafeed and put forward some suggestions.

Compared with other animal feed, aquafeed has higher requirements in respect of feed nutrition and physical characteristics (including feed pellet shape, size, density, stability in water and so on), therefore, it is the appropriate feed processing technology and fish food making machines that plays a key role in producing healthy and nutrient aqua feed according to customers specific requirements. As the leading fish feed machines and production line manufacturer, Amisy can provide aquafeed processing equipment from raw material processing to finished feed bagging.


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