why shrimp feed floats (sinking feed) ?

though the pelletisation is perfect what are the different parameters influence the floating problem while we use this feed at farmer pond. initially there will be no problem at the time of production but later problem arise.
in which area we have to concentrate more. please help me
thank you


  • cuases for shrimp feed floating required
  • For floating/sinking feed for shrimp, extrusion processing is better than pelletisation. We recommend to use fish feed extruder machine to produce feed pellets for shrimp. Contact info@fishfeedmachine.com for more details.
  • Actually it is better to use pelleted feed for shrimps. The extrusion technology is not provided for shrimp feed production. The formulation is the most important factor affecting the status of the final product. The shrimp feed density should be justified. Please refer to your formulation first. Then use pelleting machine, not extrusion.

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