Animal by-products taste?

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Does animal by-products have an effect on taste in broiler chicken meat?

some people say yes because its parts of dead animals and others say no because it just gives them more 'cheap' (in price) protein. now, if we gave our broilers a gamebird or duck feed that has lower protein and still has the animal by-products what will that meat taste like or will it not make a difference?


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    The change begins at home. So, Make the Change. First of all I want to refer you to your veterinarian. Ask questions about what would be the healthiest diet for your pet. They are professionals and know your pet therefore they can take special considerations of your pet's needs.

    Some people choose to make their animal's meals. You can find balanced diet information on the internet and also talk to your vet. Homemade diets are going to mimic a carnivore's diet as closely to possible to what their bodies are made for. Kudo's to any owner who has the time and energy to make meals for their pets every day.

    I on the other hand depend on manufactured food. So how do I pick the best one? Here are some tips to consider:

    Make sure the label says, "AAFCO guaranteed". These are an independent group who regulates dog food. DO NOT rely on this label though as regular commercial dog food can be guaranteed by the AAFCO also.
    Look on the ingredient list. Make sure their are no by-products. Make sure the first ingredient is a named meat. Chicken. Lamb. Beef.
    Most often a good choice of food will tout "natural" or "organic". Don't rely on this completely and still read the ingredient list.
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