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Subject: Request for Price Quotation for High-capacity Complete Animal Feed Production Line Machineries and Equipments

Dear sirs,

My name is Davood Mousapoor – General Manager of West Business Technology (WBT) Co., Ltd., in Iran. I hold a commercial representative agency for an Iranian industrial company named Yeganeh Sanat Tabriz (MIR INDUSTRIAL GROUP). We are involved in importing, assembling and operation of machinery and equipments for Iranian companies and producers.

We have been requested by a company to manufacture or import a high capacity Animal Feed Plant machineries and equipments to be established and put into operation for production of animal feed for Iran’s demanding animal and birds market.

Accordingly, we would like to receive your competitive business proposal for a Complete Animal Feed Production Line Machineries and Equipments with the following specification:

A) Capacity Range: 60 ~ 80 MT/Hr.
B) Separate price list for different units of the Plant including hammer mills, mixers, extruders, pellet mills, coolers, dryer, coater, roller mills, storage silos and any other needed parts.
C) Full technical specification, diagram or schematic plan of each unit in a separate data sheet.

1) It is requested to include two palletizing machines in the production line.
2) The automatic raw material processing silos capacity is requested to be designed for two working shifts.

With reference to the above, we kindly request you to issue a clear Proforma Invoice including all terms and conditions such as payment, delivery, compensation and etc.
We would also be very thankful to receive your own comments on the above matter while taking our specifications into consideration.

Please note that this is very urgent and we have to give our proposal within a few days for confirmation and starting the procedure of importing. We may also take a similar action to establish an Animal Feed Plant for another company in this relation.

We highly appreciate your kind attention and consideration in this respect.

Yours faithfully,

Davood Mousapoor,
General Manager,
West Business Technology (WBT) Co., Ltd.

Postal Address:
Davood Mousapoor,
P.O. Box: 51385-3594,
Tabriz – Iran.
E-mail: <!-- e --><a href="mailto:davoodmx@yahoo.com">davoodmx@yahoo.com</a><!-- e --> (Recommended)
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