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I have a feedmill and would like to know if my costing per ton are in line or not. I would be glad if someone could give me the a rough amount per ton


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    Cost of a ton of formulated feed varies and based on the following:
    1. type of feed or ration. the quantity or percentage components of each ingredient is significant in the cost of your feed. remember that almost 90% of the cost is made up of the cost of each ingredients or raw materials. other cost will be utility and labor, packaging and overheads;
    2. form of the mixed feed whether mash, pellets or crumbs. Of course, mash cost less than the later 2 forms.
    3. cost of labor and utility. if both items were cheap in your area, sure, your cost per ton is also low.
    These were only few of the variable items that contributes in your production. There will laso be som indirect costs, i.e. office, rents, taxes.
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