What´s the rough cost of a 1ton/day feed mill?

Hi guys, I am aquaculture student in Guatemala trying to put togehter a rough buget plan for a project for a small feed mill something like for the agriculture and aquaculture activities for a universty. I found on the net "DEVELOPMENT OF A SMALL-SCALE FEED MILL AND FEED FORMULATIONS FOR WARM-WATER FINFISHES AT THE FISH FARMING CENTRE, JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA", its an old FAO doc and sounds like the right size of mill. Unfortunately, I have no idea of the size of the strucure or the cost and have been unable to fined anything else on a mill of this size (about 100kg/hour.) List of machinery is:
4.5" Anderson Extruder
Horizontal mixer Gonard or Rapidex
Hammer mill, medium capacity
fluid bed dryer
fat coater
weigh scales
paste pelletizer

Accurate prices are not necesary because its a research report at this moment.(For now.) Any sugestions are greatly appreciated.


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    my friend..
    the small feed mill used in unversity it is very hard to got in process. I even do some container size for shrimp feed. it is 2pcs assembled with 40ft container. in 10 years ago when we do this project the inquire capacity is 500kg to 1000kg per hour,
    until now all process mill focus in more and more higher capacity.
    I am younder. project manager of idah machinery. if you need more information. please contact to me by.. <!-- e --><a href="mailto:younder2000@yahoo.com">mailto:younder2000@yahoo.com</a><!-- e -->
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