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hi guys im came from south asia and im working in one of the feedmill here inour country our feedmill equipment was been design by a german feedmill manufacturer,i am a feedmill operator my problem is sometimes durong our production process we encounter problem such as stuck up feeds in assign bin especially if we are processing hog feeds with powder milk.in order to get that stuck up or clog feeds we have to climb in and poke the bin with rubber mallet and sometimes we can fix that problem for almost an hour and can you imagine poking a metal bin with almost an hour is very exhausting and can delay production..maybe the reason for clogging is the feed formulation or any reason that i did not know..my questions is is there any solution for that?instead that we have to poke we have to do something that can solve the problem?any suggestion is very appreciatable...
my second problem is there any book in the market regarding in feed milling? i mean the book discuss the production and its equipment and how can be solved,it also tackles pelleting,problem encounter and how to solve them even its machine used..i already searched to amazon but i did not find one...your's suggestion is highly appreciateable...thanks in advance...


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    I would suggest investing in a bin whip and drill to clean out hung and bridged product and possibly some air cannons if you are using metal bins. As for a book look into Feed Manufacturing technology from the AFIA. This book is wonderful and has tons of useful information for the feed indutry.

    Here are some links to different places to get bin whips


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    Feed Technology 5 is an absolute must for feedmillers it is expensive but worthwhile, Awhite is spot on. We make pig feeds with high milk content, it does help to keep pelleting temperatures down to no more than 70 degrees and outload as quick as possible. It may also be that your cooler is not working as weel as it should, and the pellets are warm going into the bin, try some temp checks at the discharge end, before it goes into the bin, also worth doing moisture tests on the feed. Watch those nutritionists, they have a lot to answer for!Good luck
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    Feed Technology 5 is the best source of milling information, at the end of the day your nutritionist needs to take some responsibilty for the formultaion that causes feed to hang in the bin, if they had to climb into bins or spend hours hitting them with hammers I am sure they would generate more "production friendly" formulas
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