Shrimp farming in Thailand

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we are in chaing mai and want to learn about shrimp farming - can anyone tell us where to go to find out about this project. We would like to learn how its done so we can go back to our country and try it out there. Would CMU be able to help?


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    Shrimp farming is hard work. I work 8 years ago with this inThailand.
    You have to look to the shrimp every second hour to be sure they are ok. Also at night time. Also remember that you have to add salt, every time it rain, to keep the salt balance exact.
    They can suddenly start swim in ring, and then its time for take them up immediately.
    We use floodgates, where we catch them in net, and then fast cover them with ice so they die immediately.
    Then its time for big boots to get the rest in the bassin.
    It take many hours. In Thailand we use guards every night
    because ovners of other shrimp farm will do anything to put some poison in the damms.
    But it was good businees and we could "harvest" 3-4 times a year.
    email if you like
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