Will this feed ration work for my broiler chickens?

Will this feed ration work for my broiler chickens?

soybean meal,
salt (from fleet farm),
oyster shells,
mineral mix.

i do not have the % of each ingredient but just to get a idea. am i deficient in anything or need to take/add something (s)?


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    Broilers do not need egg shell.Depending on the breed salt isn't good either being most of your grains have a natural salt within them.Protein is what will help pack on the muscle or meat if you will.Again breed has a lot to do with it as well.If you are designing your own feed you need to know the fat and protein percentages of each.It won't make sense to feed them a lot of food which will not develop them.Again breed has much to do with growth rates and meat content 27 to 35% protein will boost many meat birds quickly.Keep your fat ratio to 8 to 15%.
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