Feed cracked corn to Broilers?

Can broilers be feed cracked corn, wheat, oats and still gain fast/have good meat quality.?

i read and article and it said they could but it sees like they are not getting much nutrition. can this be possible?!?! we have broilers and need to cut our feed costs down alot. will they have good meat qualities?


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    In point of fact, you can cut costs by feeding corn for the last four weeks prior to butchering. Up till then, feed regular chicken feed. Corn fed poultry tastes great. It's prefered by many (the flavor is less gamey). But, if you start feeding only grain too early you will stunt the growth and get smaller, less meaty chickens.

    One good trick is to mix fifty percent scratch grain with fifty percent grower (high protein) for early growth, and then switch to straight cracked corn for the four weeks prior to butchering.
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