starting up a commercial egg poultry farm

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Pls,ild like to know all i can about starting up a commercial egg poultry farm in nigeria?im new to farming.?

I would like to start with about 1000 birds and increase to about 10000 later though gradually. I wanted to start off with point of lay birds but was advised to raise my own by buying day old chicks and rasing them to point of lay so i would be sure of the source of the chicks. I've always had an interest in poultry farming and would like to start off before the end of the year. Ild like it if information on costing, care of the chicks/chickens; housing and up till marketing could be provided. I'ld also like to mill my own feed to further reduce cost and would like all the information I can get in order to achieve this. What should the bird houses look like? Where can I source land for such a venture somewhere in Lagos?.In summary, i need information or articles about all what i've described and costing. Thanks.
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