Droplet Fish Feed Crusher FY-ZW60B

The crushing process enlarges the surface area of the raw materials which can help to increase the solubility of the feed in digestive juice and promote the digestion of the animal. It is specially designed to the fine grinding of cellulose materials, and those materials with high content of waster and oil. It is an irreplaceable fish feed machine in floating fish feed, sinking fish feed and pet feed making process.

Main Parts of Droplet Pet Feed Crusher
Operative Door
Abrasion-resistant Lining Plate

Parameter of Fish Feed Crusher
Model: FY-ZW60B
Diameter of rotors: 660mm
Spindle rotational speed: 2980 rpm
Linear speed of hammer pieces: 78m/s
Width of crushing chamber: 600mm
Number of hammer pieces: 112
Power: 55kw
Norminal volume flow rate - fine grinding: 42m3/min
Norminal volume flow rate - coarse grinding: 55m3/min
Ordinary grinding output: 9t/h
Fine grinding output: 2t/h

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