Pellet Die - Compression Ratio x Feed Ingredients

Hello everybody.
My name is Fernando and I work in a Brazilian manufacturer of pellet dies and roller shells for pellet mills.

I'm studying the influence of changes in the compression ratio of pellet dies, in order to help my customers to determine the correct compression ratio that should be used considering the percentage of fat or fibers of the ingredients of the formulation to be pelletized.

For example, a case of feed for poultry. Basically, the compression ratio shall be 12:1. But:

Customer 1: uses a lot of fat in the formulation, ie, need a high compression ratio (higher than 12:1) to achieve a satisfactory PDI.

Customer 2: due the need to reduce costs, eliminates the fat from formulation making it more difficult to pelleting. Thus, it is necessary to reduce the compression ratio in order to has no problem with excessive compression, low production (ton/h) and to avoid clogging of holes of pellet die.

Then, I'd like to know if are there any software or spreadsheet or formula that I can select each ingredient of the feed and based on the percentage of fat or fiber and specific weight of each ingredient, I automatically have the compression rate?

If no, can anyone help me and teach me how to calculate the compression ratio based on the % fat and fibers of ingredients?

Looking forward to any help, I appreciate the attention.

Best Regards
Fernando Casagrande
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