home use small feed pellet mill

Model:150,Power:4kw,three-phase electricity Capacity:100–150kg/h Shaft speed: 320r/min Outsize:720X420X850mm Weight:48kg Remark:it can be driven by belt or gear
* Simple structure, wide adaptability, small footprint and low noise. * the moisture of pellets for granulating materials is much less, more suitable for storage. * Chicken, ducks, fish, mixed powder feed to get higher than economic benefits. * Dry-processing, the production of feed pellet hardness and high, the surface is smooth, internal improvement, can improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.
this small pellet mill has not got a bigger production capacity either, its capacity is just 50–150kg/h,but it is very light which can also be used in small poultry farm or used at home to make pellets. the principle of the small pellet mill is circular motion on a plate die with high qualified alloy steel roller through a special treatment, spindle and flat die by the action of the friction between the roll rotation and plate die
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