Buying a feed mill

Hi all,

I am new to the business. I am buying a poultry feed mill that is able to generate 2.5 to 3 ton per hour. How many workers do I need? and what will there title be? Sorry to ask a noob questions. :3

Little bit about myself, I own a retail store and looking to expand into this new market.




  • Hi Erik
    All depends on how many shift you run in one day and if the plant is automatic or manual ,we assume you have automatic plant, to run it you need 1 operator every shift. 2 packing and 2 loading people every shift and for intake it depends on the way how you will receive the raw materials , if it is by bag you have to hire more labors as it is a manual job , for cleaning the plant 1 person is enough.
  • Hi Erik.

    How are you doing?
    Have you got the suitable poultry feed mill?
    If not, welcome to contact us for some advices.
    Thank you and nice weekend.

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