Feed mill for lease - Peshawar, Pakistan

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The University of Agriculture Peshawar invites expression of interest from registered firms / organizations and investors for leasing out an automated high capacity (05 tons/hr) Cattle's Feed Mill located at the University. The Mill comprises of weight scale, raw material room, grinder, ten raw bins, mixer, number of sensors, motors, control room, and urea molasses block machine and manufacturing room.

The Feed Mill will be leased out on "as it is" basis for minimum of three (03) years and the yearly lease amount (negotiable) will be paid in advance.

The lessee will have to give access to the students and researchers in presence of their supervisor to conduct their experiments, data collection and formulation in the feed mill.
The lessee will be providing feed on subsidized rate to the University's dairy farm.

Utility bills, maintenance and operational expenditures, raw material and security of the Feed Mill will be the responsibility of lessee after the contract is signed.

Premises will formally be demarcated and any alteration in the machinery and premises will be made as per mutual understanding.

The lessee may also get assistance from the nutritional analytical lab, Veterinary clinic and the Pharmacy shop of Faculty of Animal Husbandry and veterinary sciences.

The Mill will not be used for any kind of unlawful activities and will be restricted to feed production, and either Parties intend to discontinue the lease will have to inform in advance i.e. one year prior notice by University and six months by the lessee.

On termination of the lease, the existing or any additional fixed assets will remain the property of the University.

For more information, please visit the official web site of Institute
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