Floating feed Vs Sinking feed

I hope someone to help me with the difference between the sinking feed and the floating feed for feed of fish. For example Tilapia, trout etc.
What is the best type of feed for those type of fish.

TIA - Mohammed Sayed. SAW Farmers Unity


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    Generally there is no nutritional difference between floating and sinking feed.

    Floating Pellets are more expensive to buy and more expensive for feed millers to manufacture. Floating pellets (also known as expanded or extruded pellets) require to go through an extrusion process during processing. This section of a feed mill is most of the time costly to set-up and run than a standard pelleting section.

    They are usually used in larger underlings, food fish and broodfish. Floating on the surface of the water (usually maintaining integrity in the water for several hours), the fish must come up to the surface to eat. This enables you to observe your fish each day, which helps in monitoring their health and vigor. Also you can adjust the amount of feed per day and avoid wasted feed and pond pollution problems

    While there is still some debate, floating feed is still prefered in some cases. And although it is more expensive you can reduce feed costs and still have the advantage of observing your fish by mixing 15 percent floating feed with 85 percent sinking feed.

    Sinking pellets also know as a hard pellet, are more economical. Sinking feed will have water stability of up to an hour, and will gradually sink and settle on the bottom if uneaten.

    Since ingredients are pressed togetherm it makes it impossible for the fish to selectively eat the ingedients they want. Sinking pellets are adapted to mechanical feeding and can be handled considerably without deterioration
    Sinking pellets are sometimes used in winter when the fish do not regularly surface. Also by pelleting some feeds it can be avoided to harm some ingredients which do not like the extrusion process.

    Crumbles (crumbled pelleted feed) has larger particle size than meal, but is smaller than pellets and is used with feeding underlings

    Ultimately, the type of research being done and the feeding habits of the particular species of fish will determine which type of pellet to use.
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    thanks for your good question
    In rough logic in floating feed is more visibblity is possible on feed taking of fish like poultry species.And another point nutritionwise is startch gelatinisation is more in extruded feed than sinking feed.Generally binders are needed in sinking feed to eliminate feed partation problem.But no one binders are need for floating feed.
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    Do you have feed formula( Composition of ingrediants) for making sinking and Floating feeds for Aqua species such as Indian carp,Pangasius,Tilapia and shrimps.

    Pls help me in this regard

    Thanking you
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