Mix-Mill Farm Feed Factory self contained hammermill

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The place we are renting has a self contained feed mill on it. Landlord says I can use it if I can get it running again.
It is about 12 feet square and about 30 feet tall. Has 4 overhead bins that all feed into a centrally located hammermill (electric motor)and then has bottom output auger that feeds to a vertical auger and overhead distributor back to the tanks of to a load out auger.

Says "Farm Feed Factory" at the top of the bins over the entry door. Has the company name Mix-Mill from Bluffton Indiana all over it.
I'm looking for instructions/manual on how to use it. The mix-mill company has a website (appears to have been bought out by AT Ferrel). Anyone know what model this might be so I can try to find a manual? I'll try to call them on Monday.

Ran a grain elevator in college, but not a feed grinder. Getting the augers working and feeding the overhead bins into the grinder is fairly obvious, turning the mill on is obvious (Turns right on) Not sure what the knobs are that appear to be a timer, Not sure how you control the weight/mixing proportions.
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