Collector ring connected cause analysis does not start

Collector ring connected different sound does not start
1 are external reasons: lack of phase run, starting device rotating union failure, severe overload motor, transmission mechanism jammed
2 itself fault: bearing damage or foreign body stuck, broken or short-circuit of the stator windings, stator windings after rewind or change around, turn the stator slots with wrong.
Or the winding connection error starter unusual sound operation
1 is a motor structure: shell breakage; between the shaft and the bearing is too loose; given rotor rubs; stator core loose; bearing damage or lubricants dry
2 belongs to the winding aspects: the stator winding partial short circuit;

The winding connection error after starting to overheat or smoke:
Reasons: 1 belongs to the external power coaxial rotary joints supply voltage is too low, or the three-phase voltage difference is too large; missing running; motor overload; ambient temperature 2
Motor internal fault: stator winding short circuit; stator and rotor rub; wound rotor winding disconnect; wound rotor motor brush pressure is too great,
Or brush and collector ring does not fit, etc.
A single-phase line fever, a wire connection the bad b single phase line serious leakage or cores bare drain contact with the building structure
2 two-phase line fever: a two-phase line b serious leakage or short circuit may be motor one phase without electricity caused a biphasic running the current sharp increase in 3 three-phase line heating a wire too small current is too b motor load is too large
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