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Joinv Chemical specialize in animal nutrition and feed additives. Our business line are in below:

1.Phosphate: Dicalcium Phosphate(DCP), Monocalcium Phosphate(MCP), Tricalcium Phosphate(TCP),Monodicalcium Phosphate(MDCP) in both powder and granular.

2.customized mineral blends is available, with low impurities&pb content and keeping stable without discoloring under normal temperature. If necessary, inspection reported by CFIC China will be provided.

3.Trace Minerals: Ferrous sulphate Monohydrate/Heptahydrate,Maganeses Sulphate Monohydrate,Zinc sulphate hydrate/Heptahydrate.

4.Betaine:Betaine Hydrochloride is a kind of nutritional additive of efficiency, high-quality and economic advantage, which is widely used for animal and poultry breeding and aquiculture as well.

1).Vitamin A:
Name: Vitamin A Palmitate 250/500 DC
Molecular formula: C36H60O2
Molecular weight: 524.86
Specification: 250,000/500,000 IU/G
Standards/Certificates: USP, FCC, Ph.EUR.
Packaging: 20Kg 25Kg
2).Vitamin Name:
Vitamin D3 100/500 DC
Molecular formula: C27H44O
Molecular weight: 384.64
Specification: 100,000/500,000 IU/G
Standards/Certificates: USP, FCC, Ph.EUR.
Packaging: 20Kg 25Kg

We will be very pleased to have negotiations on trade, participate in information exchange and cooperate with friends from various countries and regions.

For more information:
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