What a Turkey Feed Mill should do to increase their output

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What a Turkey Feed Mill should do to increase their mill output by 20% without loosing feed quality?

A integrated turkey company has a feed mill that is currently operating at full capacity. It only manufactures feed for market turkeys. It is operating 3, 8 hour shifts per day, 7 days per week with the exception for one 8 hour shift per week for maintainance.

The company needs to increase feed production output by 20% within two months however, they do not have the floor space in the mill nor the budget to upgrade the grinding, batch-mixing, or pellet mill lines. Buying feed from another mill is not an option.

What would you suggest this company should do to increase their mill output by 20% without loosing feed quality and not spend a lot of money and time in renovations?


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    I think before someone could suggest anything, they must analyze the whole line. Is it fully automatic? Is there a bottle neck in their system ?

    - How long you mix your product? Is it possible to reduce the mixing time without decrease the homogenity?
    - Do you use automatic dosing system? Is there raw material that is hard to dose automatically?
    - Do the system use pre-grinding or post-grinding or the combination of both?
    - Are your hammermill and pelletmill running to its maximum capacity? Say the main motor could run max to 300 Amp and so far they only ran up to 200 Amp then it means you could make it run faster-shorter time->increase output.
    - etc.

    If you can find a bottle neck in the system then it will help you greatly in increasing the output with most minimum cost possible.

    If there is no bottle neck then the only way to increase their output is by upgrading the whole system or add more operating hours. Also I noticed in the place where I work, it took time when the system produce different kind of recipe. And when you produce many kind of recipes it surely reduce the throughput, so you could increase the throughput by producing only one kind of product.

    Also if you use pellet machine - crumble - sieveter -> a bad crumble means more work for pellet and less output. Good crumble means more output.
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    we are the Jinan ShengRun Machinery Co.,Ltd in China. for your question, u only need to buy a extruder which has a longer and wider screw in it.

    Michael Fan



  • i think you can make sure if the following aspects are reasonable: the raw material composition; the humidity of material, too dry or too wet affects the production seriously. You are welcome to visit our website: www.feed-pellet-mill.com to see more feed pelleting solutions.
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