Looking for an Extrusion Process Technician (Aquaculture)

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Extrusion Process Technician (Aquaculture)

The primary role of the Extrusion Process Technician is to undertake the day to day activities at the Australian Experimental Stockfeed Extrusion Centre (AESEC), which is focussed on providing extrusion cooking research and development services and products to aquatic animal feed producers and scientists. The AESEC is located at Roseworthy Campus, University of Adelaide, about 1.5 hours drive north of central Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, and is adjacent to the famous and scenic, internationally renown, wine growing region of the Barossa Valley.

SARDI is a leading research and development institute delivering innovation to enhance the food, fibre and bioscience industries and living environmental systems in South Australia. The Aquaculture Program currently focuses its research through six main interacting Sub Programs: Algal Production, Aquatic Animal Health & Welfare, Genetics Reproduction & Biotechnology, NCRIS Photobioreactor Facility, Nutrition & Feed Technology, and Propagation & Aquaculture Systems. The primary objectives of the Aquaculture Program are: the development of new technologies, species and sites for aquaculture; enhancing the competitive advantage of existing aquaculture industries; and minimising the risks that new and existing aquaculturists may experience. The expanding Nutrition & Feed Technology Sub Program encompasses the management of the AESEC.

Duties: The operation and maintenance of all extrusion equipment, including the Wenger X-85 extruder, cooler and dryer, and vacuum infuser. Responsible for the delivery, storage and turnover of raw materials and the manufacture of experimental and commercial aquatic and terrestrial animal feeds for SARDI aquaculture research projects and external clients. Contribute to the planning of relevant research budgets and analysing extruder products for quality control purposes. This position addresses OHS&W matters relevant to the operation of this facility. The supervision and training of technical staff and students will also be required. The scope of this facility is growing and the incumbent has a key role in contributing to sourcing new clients and to assist in the recruitment process and manage staff.

Essential Qualifications: Demonstrated ability to operate Wenger X-85 extruder and associated equipment or equivalent machinery and relevant production and/or research experience.

Special Conditions: Contract position for 3 years, based in Roseworthy, South Australia.

Base Salary: - $54,974 to $62,817 pa. This salary package will be negotiated on the basis of the applicants skills and experience.

Enquiries and Applications to: Dr David Stone on (08) 8207 5350 or e-mail <!-- e --><a href="mailto:stone.david@saugov.sa.gov.au">stone.david@saugov.sa.gov.au</a><!-- e --> or by visiting Careers and Scholarships at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.sardi.sa.gov.au">http://www.sardi.sa.gov.au</a><!-- m -->.

Applications: including a self-assessment against the capabilities profile within the position description, Curriculum Vitae and two professional referees, plus two copies marked “confidential” to Dr David Stone, Subprogram Leader, SARDI Aquatic Sciences, Aquaculture, Nutrition and Feed technology , PO Box 120, Henley Beach, SA, 5022.

Applications Close 5.00pm, Friday ,13 March 2009.
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