Pellet Press safety

We have two old but large pellet presses which do not have any safety system fitted except stop buttons. I have looked into using a fortress type key system with the relevant control system,but
management are concerned this will effect the way they set the rollers which at present is done with the door open and the machine rotating and this cannot be acheived with the new system.Please
could anyone confirm my method of safety and give advice to our roller problem.


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    Changing rolls while the press is running is no longer acceptable, any Risk assessment that is done honestly will reveal that. We built a guard that allows the operator to clean the inside of the die with the press running using an air hose with a copper pipe on the ned of it to scrap and clean the die. When all the material is removed by this method, the rolls can then be set with the die stopped and isolated. The rolls should just "kiss" the die
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