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Enmasse Conveyor TGSS

Shanghai ZhengChang International Machinery and Engineering Co. Ltd.
Product Description

TGSS series enmasse conveyor is the upgrade product developed according to introduced technology and in the leading place of the country same industry. Mainly used in grain barns,ports,foodstuff plants,light industry, pharmaceutical industry and brewing industry to transport all kinds of raw materials,semi-manufactured rations,feed,granular materials and powder materials. With simple structure,small volume,good sealing performance,reasonable structure , the guide rail use plastic wearing plate, reducing noise and material failure rate, meanwhile,extending the useful life. Over-load start,power consumption saving,easy operation and maintenance, equipped with anti-blocking device,prevent chain broken and alarming device,improving reliable operation.It is not suitable for transporting the material output is bigger than 1t/m3,high temperature,high humidity, corrosive material and lumpy material.

Technical Parameters
Model Quantity delivered (t/h) Scraper chain speed Scraper chain pitch (mm) Drive chain Maximum transportation distance (m)
TGSS16 12-30 0.4-0.6 66.675 Bush chains 50
TGSS20 30-50 0.4-0.6 66.675 Bush chains 50
TGSS25 50-100 0.4-0.6 66.675 Bush chains 60
TGSS32 100-130 0.4-0.6 66.675 Bush chains 60
TGSS40 180-240 0.4-0.8 66.675 Bush chains 80
TGSS50 300-400 0.4-0.8 125 Bush chains 80
Shanghai ZhengChang International Machinery and Engineering Co. Ltd.

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