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Pellet Mill SZLH678D

Shanghai ZhengChang International Machinery and Engineering Co. Ltd.
Product Description

Use big power serpentine spring coupling with strong compensated displacement.

Use more thin oil out of pellet mill to cool down lubrication device, lubricate main bearings forcibly.

Equipped with roller and die distance adjustment device,no need stop pellet mill.

Use overload protective device and stroke switch to ensure safe operation.

Cutter mechanism is made of all stainless steel with scale.

The positioned ring die is easy to load and unload could be equipped with lifting device.

Use high quality alloy steel ring die which produced by international advanced processing technology.

Suitable for producing all kinds of high quality livestock feed, poultry feed and aquatic feed.

Continuous and stable work, very low noise.

Stable torque, strong vibration absorbtion and isolation.

Technical Parameters

Type Model: SZLH678
Power(kw): 200/220/250
Output(t/h): 15-25
Feeding motor power(kw): 2.2
Power(kw): 11
Ring die diameter(mm): Ø673
Pellet specification(mm): Ø2~Ø18

Shanghai ZhengChang International Machinery and Engineering Co. Ltd.

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