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Hammer Mill Perforated Screens

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Product Description

Hammer Mill Perforated Screens

Hammer mills screens are used inside a hammer mill to seperate particle sizes. Particle of small enough diameter that has been sucessfully grinded by the hammer mill passes through the screen and leaves the hammer mill with the aid of th pneumatic system.


Screen Design

The amount of open area in a hammer mill screen determines the particle size and grinding efficiency. The screen must be designed to maintain its integrity and provide the greatest amount of open area. Feed producers need to pay particular attention to the ratio of open screen area to horsepower. Not enough open area per horsepower results in the generation of heat. When the heat generated exceeds 44C to 46C (120-125F), capacity may be decreased as much as 50 percent.

The removal of sized material from a hammermill is a critical design feature. Proper output of material affects not only the efficiency of operation, but also particle size. When the correct ratio of screen area to horsepower is used and proper distance between hammers and screen face is maintained, most of the correctly sized particles will exit the screen in a timely manner.

Most newer hammermills are equipped with an air-assist system that draws air into the hammer mill with the product to be ground. Systems are designed to provide reduced pressure on the exit side of the screen to disrupt the fluidized bed of material on the face of the screen, thus allowing particles to exit through screen holes. Some full circle hammer mills are designed so the screen is in two pieces. It is possible to use a larger hole size on the upward arc of the hammers to further reduce the amount of material on the face of the screen.


1. Wear resistant, long service life, saving production cost.

2. Even and standardized screen hole, ensuring your product good quality.

3. High porosity, bringing you high output and high benefits, besides good quality.

4. Compact and covenient connection of screen sieve, no leakage of materials and labor&time saved.

5. Thanks to the moderate firmness and softness, in the processing, screen is not easy to break and distort.

6. Screen sieve and hole feature even distribution with prismatic arrangement, good to raise sifting efficiency.

7. Raw materials are strictly examined to ensure screen operational performance.

8. Pretty appearance,smooth screen sheet, pure hue,no breakage,burring,underfilled, mixed material.

9. Reasonable price, considerate after-sales service, let you be rest assured and without worry.


Technical Parameters

Screen sieve is a main part in controling ground product granularity and also one of the main wearing parts of hammer mill. Its type, shape,wrap angle and porosity have a large impact on grinding and sifting efficiency.

Screen classification and specification Screen sheet used in hammermill can be divided into cylindrical screen,conical screen and fish-scale screen etc.With the characteristics of simple structure and convenient producing, cylindrical screen is most widely used in the industry.

Single purpose machine,high porosity of screen,array hole more even, processing various kinds of aperture of screen, such as Ф0.2mm、Ф0.6mm、Ф0.8mm、Ф1.0mm、Ф1.2mm、Ф1.5mm、Ф2.0mm、Ф2.5mm、Ф3.0mm.

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