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Intelligent Robot Palletizer

Muyang Group
Product Description

Thanks to motor with reasonable reuse of energy, intelligent robot palletizer saves resources and energy, which minimizes the power consumption.Compared with traditional palletizer, about RMB 50,000 yuan is saved each year and the saved labor costs help enterprises to rationally control production costs.

High capacity

Intelligent palletizer features flexible operation.One set machine can make six production lines process at the same time for maximum. Automatic calculation for reasonable motion locus contributes to higher ability of stacking.

All the controls can be completed on touch screen with man-machine interface and easy operation.

Only need to input new datas when changing product in production line. After calculating path, it resumes.


Compact structure, Ease of maintenance

Palletizer robot is space-saving footprint, occupying small space and achieve most practical effect.

The machine is equipped with a cover made of aluminium alloy and FPR, light weight body and easy maintenance.

Palletizer robot has structure of precise design, with few components and parts, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.

Main workshop section

Automatic rating packing machine, automatic bag-filling equipment,automatic folder closer,ink jet printer,sack emptying machine,compressing forming machine,metal detection machine,weight calibration machine,automatic removing machine,robot automatic palletizer(manipulator), dust removal exhaust system.

Technical Parameters
System configuration:

The result detected by Chinese national authorities (National Fishery Machinery and Instrument Quality Supervision and Inspection Center) show: in comparison with similar products, Muyang SWFP66 × 100C Series Fine-Grinding Hammermill can realize significantly higher capacity and lower ton power consumption.National authority proves 14pxr capacity of grinding fineness:

1.rating packing machine
2.automatic bag filling, taking out and bagging system
3.main transmission unit
4.sewing stiching unit
5.automatic ink-jet printer
6.automatic packing and reladling conveying unit
7.high-low conveying unit
8.metal detection device
9.weight calibration scale
10.removing machine
11.robot automatic palletizer(manipulator)
13.electrical control unit
Working flow chart:
system electricity and air supply
thick charging
90% of rated value
fine charging
rated value
bag clamp open
conveying unit
edge removing unit
bag sewing unit
high-low conveying machine
metal detection machine
weight calibration scale
ink-jet printer
automatic bag filling, taking out and clamping
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