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Muyang Group
Product Description

Muyang single screw cooking extruder

--Intelligent, High-efficient, Saving energy

High performance versus price
Same power, higher capacity Muyang MY165 extruder can reach 5.8-6.0 ton/hour in capacity when producing 3.0mm tilapia feed.Smooth surface of expanded feed pellet with more even and better apperance help you to fast sell your products and capture the market.

High-efficient convenient service
Muyang has the biggest customer training center in its industry and hold multiples training activities for customers every year. Customers, in accordance with their own demand, can select and send persons to attend training in techniques and equipment operation. Muyang has the most complete service network in the industry.Ten branch companies all over the country provide convenient and fast services. Muyang has the best expert service team in the industry.

Lower production costs
New-type material make wearing parts service life increase by 2-3 times. Extruder capacity does not decrease with the using time passing. Screw service life can reach 8000-10000 tons while screw of extruders of other factories cannot reach 5000 tons. The advantage of Muyang is evident.

Muyang MY165 cooking extruder to increase earning of 1.8 million Yuanes per year is no more a dream!

Aquatic expanded feed enterprise,

using MY165E extruder(160kW) average output 5 tons,

using other extruder(160kW), average output 4 tons.

According to yearly production 6 months,20 hours per day,

expanded feed output increase by 3600t[5t/h-4t/h)*20h/d*180d].

Based on the profit of 500 yuanes per ton of extruded feed,

anual profit can be raised by 1.8 million yuanes

(CNY=3600t*500 yuanes/t).

Above calculation does not include enormous benefits from extruded feed good appearance

Technical Parameters
TypePower of principal machine
Screw diameter
Float aguafeed
Pet food
Sunk aguafeed

  Fully computerized automatic control system, precisely controlling material flow and flow ratio, and quickly adjustng the adding volume of steam and water; automatically controlling air by-pass,in case of blockage of the raw materials, not allowing material getting into the extrusion chamber; high-precision weighing feeding auger ensuring accurate feeding volume.

  Flexible combined chamber and combined single screw provides the best combination solutions for various material production. Fast convenient change of structure, helpful to manufacture various products such as float feed,sunk feed, pet food,fullfat soybean; unique suspension cutting device can replace cutter without switching off machine with a result of great improvement of production efficiency.

Saving energy
  Effectively using engergy, reducing power consumption, lowering processing costs.

Environmental protection
  Extruded pellet keeps stable in water, good to water resources protection and environment.

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