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Feed screeners, sieves and seperators


The sifter (also refered to as sieves, screens and screeners) is a separator, usually oscillating, with a number of screens. It is used to separate crumbles or granules which are too large, both in pellet and crumble manufacture, and to screen off the dusty portion (fines) of the feed for return to the pelleter for further processing. The sifter (See picture below) is a means of ensuring a good quality product with the right particle size and a low level of fines, which are wasteful to feed.

Pellet sifter

Manufacturers of Screeners & Sifters
Before pellets and/or crumbles are stored in the finished product silos, they are passed over a..
Champion gyro sifters are designed for screening, sieving and deagglomerating. Champion gyro..
Powerful iron removal performance without power consumption; Magnetic field intensity≥3000GS;..
Rough and preliminary cleaning is employed when receiving grain, maize, raw rice and similar..
Applies to food, feed and processing of raw grain cleaning, food warehouses and other industries...
HET Screeners are responsible for separating dry materials according to particle size, providing..
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