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Screw Conveyor TLSS

Shanghai ZhengChang International Machinery and Engineering Co. Ltd.
Product Description

TLSS series horizontal screw conveyor is a fixed mechanical equipment. Suitable for pellet or powder material of grain, oilseed and feed with horizontal conveying or approaching horizontal, angle <20° sloping conveying, the conveying length is normally up to 40 meters. The suspension shaft uses brasses or machine tool oil-impregnated bearing, easy and simplified lubrication.

All use steel punching except walled bearing support, saving labour and material.The exit walled bearing base with simple isolation dust structure is safe and reliable.The screw has many turning forms like left turning and right turning. The inlet and exit of walled bearing support may be interchanged, more flexible in technique. TLSS-32, TLSS40 use bolt to connect tube shaft, disassemble or assemble screw shaft, no need to disassemble bearings, convenient maintenance.

Technical Parameters
Type Model Output (t/h)
TLSS16 1-5
TLSS18 3-6
TLSS20 7-9
TLSS25 10-12
TLSS32 10-25
TLSS40 30-50
Shanghai ZhengChang International Machinery and Engineering Co. Ltd.

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