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Box Cylinder Pulse Dust Remover TBLMa

Product Description

1. Use special square air bag to connect solenoid valve directly, reduce damage of solenoid valve diaphragm, stable and reliable operation.
2. High technology and high-quality product, innovative structure, compact technology.
3. Double wind inlet, flexible technology layout and small occupation area.
4. High dust cleaning efficiency is =>99.9%.
5. Filter bags have superfine, temperaturer-resistant, damp-resisting and antistatic for option, users can choose it according to their requirement.

Technical Parameters
Type Model Power(kw)
TBLMFa9 0.75
TBLMFa12 1.1
TBLMFa15 2.2
TBLMFa21 3
TBLMFa24 3
TBLMFa28 3
TBLMFa32 5.5
TBLMFa40 5.5
TBLMFa48 7.5
TBLMFa56 15
TBLMFa64 15
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